Twelfth Night

Tuesday 23 June – Saturday 4 July 2020


The Taming of the Shrew

The George
Directed by Mo Pearce

‘A Wittie and Pleasant Comedie Called The Taming of the Shrew. As it was acted by his Majesties Seruants at the Black Friers and the Globe’

‘The Taming of the Shrew’ was the first play performed in The George Hotel courtyard when regular out-door productions began in the 1950’s. It was also presented to mark the 21st. anniversary of open air Shakespeare at The George in 1980. The play is one of the earliest comedies probably written between 1589 and 1592. An inferior version ‘A pleasant conceyted historic called the Tamynge of a Shrow’, with some similar features was also being played at the same time. It is possible that this text was a later attempt to piece together Shakespeare’s script from memory. This year’s production is the traditional version.

The story of Kate and Petruchio’s tempestuous courtship and marriage is probably as familiar today as it was to Elizabethan audiences. Less well known perhaps is that the play opens with an induction scene and that Bianca’s story, the wooing and wedding of Kate’s younger sister, weaves its way in and out of the main storyline both providing additional fun and games. Around Kate and Petruchio these two story strands offer a kaleidoscope of comic characters. The keynote of the play is Change, Disguise; impersonation, and changing roles keep the plot moving. Nothing is what it seems to be. As names and clothes are readily exchanged we can enjoy the jokes and deceptions we see and hear. Alongside this there are the more subtle changes in personality and relationships which underpin the overt comedy. There are twists and turns, surprises and discoveries from beginning to end.

We hope our presentation will provide you with a remarkable evening’s entertainment and one that all the family can enjoy.


PETRUCHIO Roger Wentworth

KATE Collette Parker

LUCENTIO Edward Macneill

BIANCA Suzanne Williams

BAPTISTA Mike Storey


GREMIO Derrick Scothern

GRUMIO Adrian Rigelsford


BIONDELLO Nick Thompson

VINCENTIO Peter Hughes

PEDANT David Oxlee

WIDOW Carolyn Noble

CURTIS Trish James

PLAYER 1 lan Hooper

PLAYER 2 Tom Reynolds

SLY Peter Hughes

HOSTESS Pam Nicholls

ALICE, GYPSY Sally Rippin

JOAN, GYPSY Carol Watson

NAN, GYPSY Ellie Gamble


MEG, GYPSY Bethan Pugh


Production Team

Director Mo Pearce

Stage Manager Claire Goovaerts

Stage Team Karen Buckley, Malcolm Lyons, John Marlow, Daniel Chilcott, Tony Chilcott, John Morgan, Norman Griffin

Stage Construction Kirton Construction

Set Design Colin Chalk

Poster Design Kate Rogers

Costumes Wendy Usher, Terry Dick, Jo Fradley, Shannon Milson, Brigid Newland

Properties Kate Tweedley

Continuity Nicola Howard

Photographs Simon Ellis ABIPP AMPA

Lighting Design Andy Kendon

Lighting Team Roger Blackmore, Malcolm Lyons, Mel Pugsley, Andy Kendon, June Forway, Pat Hamilton

Sound Design Gerry Davison

Sound Technicians Graeme Hammond, Maggie Redgrave

Make-Up Jan Sheppeard, Kathy Williams & Team

Publicity Marline Peulevé & Team

Box Office Cheryl Cook, Michael Cook

Front of House & Sales Adam Greaves, Trish James Emma Savory, Emma James, Andy Kibbey, Matthew Hall & Team