Twelfth Night

Tuesday 23 June – Saturday 4 July 2020



The George
Directed by Richard Brown


Director Richard Brown

In 2013 Richard Brown directed Shakespeare at The George’s Production of Macbeth.
The production was staged in Dark Age Britain, a time when three worlds were colliding. The old world of the Roman Empire remained a distant memory of law and order, the new Christian world underpinned by its sense of morality held sway, but in between was a darker, deeper world of paganism. Three worlds that offered choices and temptations for Macbeth, Macduff and Malcom. Three worlds, and of course three witches…

mb6  mb10


Macbeth: Martin Woodruff

Lady Macbeth: Meg Dixon

Witches: Steph Hamer, Paula Incledon-Webber, Alex Priestley

Banquo / Caithness: John Shippey

Macduff: Simon Maylor

Malcolm: Reuben Milne

Donalbain / Fleance / Young Siwrd: Nathan Davey

Duncan / Old Siward: Richard Sockett

Lennox: Mark Reading

Ross: Guy Marshall

Angus: Mark Ullyett

Lady Macduff / Doctor: Lucy Knight

Lady in waiting to Lady Macbeth / Bloody Child: Stephanie Dickenson

Porter / Murderer/ Seyton: Phil Cox

Sergeant / Murderer / Mentieth: Andy Grannell

Old Man / Messenger / soldier: Derrick Scothern

Soldier: Nick Cole


Production Team

Director: Richard Brown

Assistant Director: Jacquie Spencer

Designer: Rob Barton

Design Assistants: Daisy Barton, Laura Harling

Technical Director: Kevin Connor

Publicity: Simon Maylor

Production Co-ordinator: Steph Hamer

Fight Director: Nick Cole

Wardrobe Mistress: Jo Fradley

Costume Design and Creation: Jo Fradley & Helen Arnett

Dressers: Helen Arnett, Janice Cole, Ruth Davies, Diane Dickenson & Gretta Tamlyn

Lighting Design: Max Richardson

Sound Design: Adrian Wadey

Sound and Light Team: Max Richardson, Ed Welsh, Emily Price, Adrian Wadey

Properties: Cherry & Smiley Mildwater

“Head”Mistress: Hilary Kemp

Continuity: Amy Burt & Ginni Pattni

Make-Up: Lindsay Kennedy, Laura Harling, Lesley Harling, Roz Brown, Caroline Harbord & friends

Construction & Backstage: Nick Cole, Elizabeth Elliott, Stephanie Dickenson, Nick Morley, Richard Morley & John Shippey

Front of House: Trish James, Annie Welsh, Heather Livermore,

Box Office: Kevin Webb, Adrian Wadey & Cheryl Cook

Poster Design: Trevor Bass at Ken Girvan Printers Ltd.Photography: Antonia Brown

Programme Design: Peter Brown in conjunction with Ken Girvan Printers