Twelfth Night

Tuesday 23 June – Saturday 4 July 2020



The George
Directed by Michael G Williamson

‘Tis but a dream, or else such stuff as madmen tongue and brain not…

‘Cymbeline’ is one of Shakespeare’s later ‘romances’ and it was written to celebrate the recent unification of ‘Britain’ by the accession of King James 1 of England and VI of Scotland. It recalls another ‘Britain’ prior to the Roman conquest as imagined and described in the works of Holinshed and Geoffrey of Monmouth. Like many of the romance plays, it has a fairytale quality and contains some beautiful language.

By combining ancient Britain, classical Rome, Jacobean England and Renaissance Italy, Shakespeare creates a self sufficient dramatic world which is at once mythical and recognisable. This interesting and anomalous mix has encouraged us to create our own occasional, more contemporary references.

Like the other romance plays, ‘Cymbeline’ had the advantage of being written for indoor performance. In 1608 the King’s Men had finally acquired the use of the Blackfriars Theatre which James Burbage had bought and converted for them twelve years before. They apparently continued to use ‘The Globe’ for summer performances but were able to move into the indoor theatre during the winter months. This venue gave Shakespeare an opportunity to develop his style and to include such new stage techniques as musical masques and more unusual technical effects.

This has always been one of my favourite plays combining, as it does, many elements of the great tragedies with a keen sense of humour. I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to direct it for the Trust and sincerely hope that our interpretation will please.

This will be the first time that ‘Cymbeline’ has been presented at ‘The George’. It is a very challenging play but, well-staged, it can hold an audience enthralled. Sometimes regarded as Shakespeare’s most ‘avant-garde work’, it is coloured with a romantic simplicity and with that strangely touching late-Shakespearean tenderness for a
thing ‘long lost and beautifully recovered’.




Cymbeline: King of Britain

Richard Fitt

Queen Ignoge: his second wife

Stephanie Hamer

Innogen: his daughter by a former Queen and heir presumptive to the throne

Giovanna Ryan

Cloten: the Queen's son by a former marriage

Neal Dench

Posthumus Leonatus: Ward to the King: married secretly to Innogen

Alan Marston

Pisanio: Posthumus' Servant

Guy Marshall

Cornelius: Court Physician

Mark Ullyett

Gerenus: Lord Chamberlain

Derrick Scothern

Cherin: a young Lord

Henry Martin

British Captain

Paul Gaskell

British Soldier

Nicholas Cole

Lady Helen

Paula Incledon-Webber

Lady Dorothy

Stephanie Dickenson

Lady Isolde

Katie Gouskos


Philario: Senator: A friend of Posthumus' Father

Phil Cox

Iachimo: An Officer in the Roman Army

Rob Barton

Gallius: A French Officer in the Roman Army

Tony Champion

Caius Lucius: Roman Ambassador to Britain and later General of the invading army

Mark Hebert

Roman Soldier

John Durrant


Stephanie Dickenson
Katie Gouskos


Belarius: Banished British Lord using the name of Morgan

Paul Silver

Guiderius: Elder son of Cymbeline: Stolen in infancy and believed to be Polydore, son of Morgan

Thomas Hebert

Arviragus: Younger son of Cymbeline: Stolen in infancy and believed to be Cadwal, son of Morgan

James Phillips

The Gentleman

Les Roberts

Young Arviragus

Luke Wilson

Young Guiderius

Jonathan Doyle/Jordan Marston


Roy Bellas
John Durrant
Robert Durrant

Creative Team


Michael G Williamson

Assistant to the Director

Elizabeth Elliott

Stage Manager

Kevin Connor

Lighting Design

Edward Hopkins

Lighting Team

Edward Hopkins
Roger Blackmore

Sound Design

Adrian Wadey

Wardrobe Mistress

Jo Fradley

Wardrobe Assistants

Helen Arnett
Phillipa Daniels
Ruth Davies
Diane Dickenson
Alison Hudson
Gretta Tamlyn

Sword Master/Fight Arranger

Nicholas Cole

Music Composer/Arranger

Roy Bellass


Roy Bellass
John Durrant
Robert Durrant


Smiley Mildwater
Cherry Mildwater


Jane Wadey

Poster Design

Trevor Bass
Jane Wadey
Michael G Williamson

Cast Photographs

Antonia Brown


Elizabeth Elliott
Caryl Jones
Michael Black

Front of House and Sales

Trish James
Michael Cook and team

Make Up

Richard Brown
Roz Brown
Caroline Harbord
Sarah Ward
Caroline Lewis
Sarah Dalley and team

Stage/Set Construction

Kevin Connor
Ken McCollin
Richard Morley
Kevin Webb
Smiley Mildwater

Set Design

Kevin Connor
Michael G Williamson
Rob Barton


Ken McCollin
Richard Morley
Nick Morley
Kevin Webb
Suzanne Connor

Box Office

Cheryl Cook and Team


Heather Williamson

Programme Design

Peter Brown in conjunction with Ken Girvan Printers Ltd.