Summer 2017 Production: Pericles

The Shakespeare at The George 2017 summer production will be Pericles: Prince of Tyre – directed by Richard Brown.

The production will be performed from Tuesday 27th June to Saturday 8th July in the courtyard of The George Hotel, Huntingdon.

PERICLES is a late play, probably written in 1608 and preceding Cymbeline and The Winter’s Tale. In Shakespeare’s time it was one of the most frequently performed of his plays but probably the complexity of locations in the story made it less suitable to the rather formal proscenium arch style of theatre. It is now becoming more popular once again with several recent notable productions. It is also acknowledged as a collaboration between Shakespeare and a low-life playwright George Wilkins.


Pericles: Simon Maylor

Thaisa: Julez Hamilton

Marina: Georgie Bickerdike

Lysimachus / Third Knight / Executioner of Antioch: James Barwise

Helicanus: Guy Marshall

Cleon: Dean Laccohee

Dioniza: Lynne Livingstone

Simonides: Derrick Scothern

Ceremon & fishwife: Madeleine Forrester

Escanes: Duncan McCallum

Lady Escanes: Helen McCallum

Bawd & Chorus of Antioch: Paula Incledon-Webber

Pandera & Lady of Tyre: Steph Hamer

Boult / Lord of Tarsus / second knight / Gentleman of Ephesus: Reuben Milne

Antiochus / First Knight / Sailor / Leonine / Gentleman of Mytilene: Perry Incledon-Webber

Thaliard / Marshal / Sailor / Pirate / Gentleman of Mytilene: Peter Finnigan

Antiochus’ Daughter / Lady of Tarsus / lady of Ephesus / Philoten / pirate / Whore: Alexandra Smart

Fishwife / Lychorida / Whore: Josephine Hussey

Fishwife / Philomen / Diana / Sailor: Liz Barka

Pericles will be directed by Richard Brown – assistant director Charlotte Maylor

Tickets will go on sale on the 1st March.

The play is like no other written by Shakespeare for its depth of storyline. It is a wonderful story of pure adventure. It is perhaps easiest to think of it rather like a Shakespearian version of The 1001 Arabian Nights, a fairy tale that romances its way around the Mediterranean world:

In Antioch, Pericles flees King Antiochus having discovered he is having an incestuous relationship with his daughter.

He returns to Tyre but fearing Antiochus’ army may follow him & wreak havoc, he journeys into exile.

On the journey he visits Tarsus, governed by King Cleon & Queen Dioniza, and saves the city from famine.

Journeying on he is shipwrecked on Pentapolis & saved by fishermen who tell him the king’s daughter, Thaisa, is to be jousted over next day. Pericles recovers his armour from the seas and wins the joust & also the hand of Thaisa

Pericles learns it is time to return home to Tyre. Thaisa is heavily pregnant and on board ship gives birth to a daughter, Marina. However it appears Thaisa dies & a storm breaks. Superstitious sailors persuades Pericles to abandon Thaisa’s body overboard.

Thaisa’s coffin is washed ashore at Ephesus. Cerimon, a renowned healer, discovers she is not dead & helps her back to life. Thaisa, thinking Pericles dead, retires into Diana’s temple.

Pericles returns to Tarsus with baby Marina who he gives into the care of Clean & Dioniza to bring up along with their own daughter.


In Tarsus Marina has grown up & is so perfect she evokes jealousy from Dioniza who plots to have her killed. However before the murderer can do the deed she is carried away by pirates. Dioniza covers her tracks by pretending Marina died naturally & has a fake tomb built.

The pirates sell Marina to a brothel. She should be perfect business for the three owners: Pander, Boult & Bawd, but she is so pure that she puts the local punters off, including the local bigwig Lysimachus who falls in love with her and gives her money.

Marina uses the money to pay the brothel off and now has a reputation for her purity and example. Pericles comes visiting. He is a changed man, refusing to speak because of grief. Marina is called for to see if she can ease his pain. In recounting her life story they realise they are father and daughter. The goddess Diana appears and tells Pericles he must visit her temple in Ephesus.

Pericles travels to the temple together with Marina and her betrothed, Lysimachus. There, Thaisa greets them and all are brought to a happy reunion.

5 responses to “Summer 2017 Production: Pericles”

  1. Andrew says:

    A courageous and unusual choice. Many lovers of Shakespeare have never seen Pericles performed. See you next summer!

  2. Jim Stewart says:

    What is expected from a first-timer at the audition, please?

  3. Nic Cole says:

    Looking forward to a great show, even if its all Greek to me.

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