Next Production: Richard III

The Shakespeare at The George 2018 summer production will be Richard III – directed by Lynne Livingstone.

The production will be performed in the courtyard of The George Hotel, Huntingdon and runs from Tuesday June 26th – Saturday 7 July 2018 (with a break on Sunday 1 July). Tickets go on sale on March 1.

Whilst the play has now been cast, we are always looking for backstage crew, technicians, wardrobe and makeup to help with our award-winning productions so if you’d like to get involved behind the scenes this year, email Paula on

Written during Elizabeth I’s reign in 1591, Shakespeare puts a Tudor spin on the end of the Wars of the Roses and the rise of the Tudors. This political thriller about the desire for power and the all-consuming corruption of absolute power is made even more timely by current world news.

Richard, Duke of Gloucester sweeps aside anyone in his way to achieve his goal of Kingship. However, retaining the crown will take him to the darkest of places and turn a country against him.

Shakespeare at the George last performed Richard III in 1979. Grab your chance to see the original ‘House of cards’. Did he really kill those princes?

“You might think that. We couldn’t possibly comment.”

Richard III Cast list

RICHARD III – Dean Laccohee

Duke of BUCKINGHAM – Rob Barton

Queen ELIZABETH – Alex Priestley

Lady ANNE – Georgina Bickerdike

Queen MARGARET – Madeleine Forrester

DUCHESS of YORK – Rosemary Eason

Earl of RICHMOND – Luke McQuillan

King EDWARD – Phil Leverett

Duke of CLARENCE – Reuben Milne

Lord HASTINGS – Richard Brown

Lord STANLEY – Mark Hebert

Lord RIVERS – Lucas Elkin

Marquis of DORSET – Luke McQuillan

Sir William CATESBY – James Barwise

Sir Richard RATCLIFFE – Perry Incledon-Webber

Lord MAYOR of London – Phil Leverett

BRACKENBURY – Richard Fitt

Prince EDWARD – Chris Thompson

Duke of YORK – Serenity Twinn

CARDINAL Bourchier – Richard Fitt

ARCHBISHOP of York – Les Roberts

BISHOP of ELY – Ray Livermore

James TYRRELL – Reuben Milne

1st MURDERER – Perry Incledon-Webber

2nd MURDERER – Les Roberts

Earl of NORFOLK – Richard Fitt

Earl of SURREY – Phil Leverett

Earl of OXFORD – Richard Brown

Sir James BLUNT – Lucas Elkin

Sir Walter HERBERT – Ray Livermore

EXECUTIONER – Paul Gaskell

GUARD – Nic Cole

Other roles will be taken by members of the company

6 responses to “Next Production: Richard III”

  1. Karen Aspinall says:

    Could you please contact me (after March 3rd) I teach Wars of Roses would like to buy at least 50 tickets. Could we all come on 1 day or is it best to split into 2 groups?
    Karen Aspinall
    07749 375 919 (best contact)

    • Reuben Milne says:

      We’d be delighted to. It depends on when you want to come really but we can seat just over 200 every night so as long as we don’t leave it too long (our tickets sell very well and very quickly, which is always nice!) then we should be able to accommodate all of your students on a single evening. Where do you teach?

  2. marsha drury says:

    how do i book tickets please

  3. Caroline Rendall says:

    Hi, I have purchased 3 tickets for Wed 27th but this now clashes with my sons Y13 leavers evening. Can I return these tickets and book an alternative evening?

    • Reuben Milne says:

      Hi Caroline. I think this has now been sorted. Any more problems, please let us know. Enjoy the show.

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