Twelfth Night – 2006

Director Mo Pearce

Storms, tempests, and wrecks at sea, Shakespeare made good use of all the dangers and reverses of fortune that sea voyages brought with them. The discovery of America in 1492 opened up new and exotic destinations with many interesting and significant challenges for sailors and travellers. With the dramatic expansion of the known world, finding new uncharted lands and mysterious islands seemed more than the stuff of dreams and fired the imagination of both adventurers and writers.

Closer to home and more familiar were the perils of storms and wrecks on the Mediterranean. Shakespeare used his knowledge of these to drive the plot forward in a number of his plays.

In “The Tempest”, Prospero, cast adrift from his dukedom in Milan finds himself and his young daughter on a mysterious and magical island. Using the powers he develops there and aided by the spirits of the island he contrives the wreck of his enemies’ ship bringing them on to an island where he can control them and manipulate events to a satisfactory conclusion and traditional happy ending. Shipwreck also plays its part in “The Comedy of Errors”, when the separation of father, mother and twin sons results in high comedy throughout the playand a dramatic conclusion. Cast away by jealous Leontes in “A Winter’s Tale”, his baby daughter, is beached with her guardian the faithful Antonio. When “the storm begins”, he leaves her on the shore, with a few identifying items. He attempts to return home, to “get aboard” and promptly disappears seawards famously “pursued by a bear”. Antonio in “The Merchant of Venice”, finds his fate is inextricably entwined with the sea and its perils. He appears to be ruined by the loss of his ships, This gives Shylock the opportunity for revenge when money that has been borrowed by Antonio against their safe return is forfeit. In the less well known “Pericles”, his many voyages shape his destiny and that of his lost wife and baby daughter, Marina, whose name echoes their involvement with the sea.

Twelfth Night combines the themes of shipwreck, twins, separation and re-unions. We do not know why or where the brother and sister were sailing from, or to. Their home is in Messaline and they are wrecked on the shores of Illyria. What befalls them, as they discover new people and places until they eventually find each other, is the story of our play. We hope you find the journey entertaining and enjoyable as we introduce a treasure trove of characters and untangle their plots and plans.



VIOLA Nicola Kelly

SEA CAPTAIN Andrew Wilkes



COUNT ORSINO Dominic Liversedge

CURIO, courtier & officer Oliver Scott

VALENTINA, courtier & musician Rebecca Frecknall

STEPHANO, courtier & officer Richard Morley




SIR TOBY BELCH, Olivia’s uncle Mark Hebert

SIR ANDREW AGUECHEEK, his friend Ray Livermore

MARIA, Olivia’s gentlewoman Suzanne Williams

MALVOLIO, Olivia’s steward Richard Brown

GRAZIELLA, servant to Olivia Helen Knight

LUCIANA, servant to Olivia Alice Frecknall

FESTE, Olivia’s fool Phil Cox

FABIAN Guy Marshall

PRIEST Kevin Webb

SEBASTIAN, Viola’s twin Matthew Taylor

ANTONIO, a sea captain Ronald Stevenson

Dancers Alice Frecknall, Eleisha Eastwick, Debbie Smith, Victoria Souter


Production Team

Director Mo Pearce

Stage Manager Kevin Connor

Assistant Stage Manager Kirsty Doyle

Scenery Built by Graham Pearce

Choreographer Rebecca Frecknall

Fight Co-ordinator Dave Higgins (with Matthew Taylor)

Wardrobe Mistress Jo Fradley

Costume Team Mo Pearce, Helen Arnett, Ruth Davies

Poster Design Simon Webb

Stage Construction Kirton Construction

Set Construction & Backstage Kevin Connor, Graham Pearce, Chris Doyle, Peter Welsh, Beth Connor, Richard Meredith, Suzanne Connor, Amy Monk, Ken McCollin

Properties Suzanne Connor, Jacqui Spencer

Sound Beth Connor, Maggie Redgrave

Lighting Kieran Reed, Daniel Cousins, Richard Wilson, Adrian Wadey

Make up Susan Painter

Assisted by Erika Brown, Manuela Daniels, Audra Green, Helen Kemp, Ruth Roberts, Lou Spence-Jones, Debs Williamson, Jade Witten, Anne Tooher, Natalie Paterson, Sam Diblasi, Sarah Eggett

Prompt Richard Meredith

Front Of House and Sales Trish James, Michael Cook & Team

Box Office Cheryl Cook & Team

Cast Photographs Kevin Connor

Feste’s songs composed by Caroline Jones

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