The Two Gentlemen of Verona – 1998

Director Michael G Williamson

‘Much is the force of heaven-bred poesy’

Although the date is uncertain, it is probable that this was Shakespeare’s earliest comedy and, perhaps, his first play. If this is so, it was written when he was still in his early twenties, newly arrived in London. It is about young people, their need for ‘true’ love and their raptures and despairs. The accomplished elegance of the lyrical verse, as well as the skilful, theatrically effective prose of Launce’s monologues show us that he has already developed his writing skills. However, the dramatic structure is comparatively unambitious, and while some of the scenes are expertly constructed, those involving more than, at the most, four characters, betray an uncertainty of technique suggestive of inexperience. To audiences familiar with Shakespeare it is fascinating to identify the ideas, themes and characters which were to be developed in later plays.

For the newcomer, it offers a light hearted introduction to Shakespeare which we hope will be enhanced by the traditional atmosphere of the historic inn-yard of The George Hotel, Huntingdon.




YOUNG VALENTINE Martin Richardson




The two gentlemen of Verona 


PROTEUS Mike Thackray

ANTONIO, father of Proteus Jack Hyde

PANTING, servant to Antonio Aidan Hervey

SPEED, servant to Valentine Jonathan Roberts

LAUNCE, servant to Proteus Jeremy Bentham

JULIA, loved by Proteus Bethan Pugh

LUCETTA, maid to Julia Katie Fitzjohn

CRAB, Launce’s dog Rasp or Butch


DUKE OF MILAN Michael Storey

SYLVIA, his daughter Karen Bays

SIR TURIO, in love with Sylvia Bob Pugh

SIR EGLAMOUR, a romantic knight Phil Cox

SINGER Joseph Munoz

HOST Aidan Hervey

LADY URSULA, lady-in-waiting to Sylvia Leah Petts

HENCHMEN Alexander Innes, Mark Usher


1st OUTLAW Mark Usher

2nd OUTLAW Robert Breslin

OUTLAWS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF VERONA AND MILAN, PAGES etc. Louise Brierley, Sally Lukins, Maggie Redgrave, Janelle Goodridge, Leah Petts, Joseph Munoz, Alexander Innes, Lucy Vine, Martin Richardson and Ben Gray


Production Team

Director Michael G Williamson

Musical Director Michael Black

Stage Manager John Morgan

Assistant Stage Manager Malcolm Lyons

Set Designer Colin Chalk

Stage Construction Kirton Construction

Poster Design Brian Barnes

Costumes: Design and Creation Wendy Usher, Terry Dick, Lydia Eldridge, Mo Pearce, Jo Fradley, Richard Rosendale

Properties Lydia Eldridge

Textwork & Continuity Gerald McCunn and Marrianne Tomkies

Photographs Simon Ellis ABIPP AMPA

Mask Construction Robin Wilson

Lighting Design Andy Kendon

Sound Design Gerry Davison

Make-Up Diana Mackay, Julia Alexander, and Jan Sheppeard

Publicity Marline Peulevé, Dee Wormald

Box Office Cheryl Cook, Michael Cook

Front of House & Sales Trish James, Karen James, Andy Kibbey, Emma Kibbey, Jo Mummery, Sam Sturgeon and Team

Crab’s Dresser Anwen Pugh

Construction, Backstage and Technical Team Peter Barton, Roger Blackmore, June Forway, Pat Hamilton, Graeme Hammond, Rachael Hankinson, Chris Hunnam, Mel Pugsley, Patrick Quick, Maggie Redgrave, Amanda Leaden, Peter Levitt, John Marlow, Dominic Whitehead, Clare Woods and Team



Clarinet Lewis Backhouse and David Walters

Flute Lindsey Haynes and Sally Lukins

Trumpet Tim French, and Penny White

Percussion Michael Black

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