Macbeth – 2013

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Director Richard Brown

In 2013 Richard Brown directed Shakespeare at The George’s Production of Macbeth.
The production was staged in Dark Age Britain, a time when three worlds were colliding. The old world of the Roman Empire remained a distant memory of law and order, the new Christian world underpinned by its sense of morality held sway, but in between was a darker, deeper world of paganism. Three worlds that offered choices and temptations for Macbeth, Macduff and Malcom. Three worlds, and of course three witches…

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Macbeth: Martin Woodruff

Lady Macbeth: Meg Dixon

Witches: Steph Hamer, Paula Incledon-Webber, Alex Priestley

Banquo / Caithness: John Shippey

Macduff: Simon Maylor

Malcolm: Reuben Milne

Donalbain / Fleance / Young Siwrd: Nathan Davey

Duncan / Old Siward: Richard Sockett

Lennox: Mark Reading

Ross: Guy Marshall

Angus: Mark Ullyett

Lady Macduff / Doctor: Lucy Knight

Lady in waiting to Lady Macbeth / Bloody Child: Stephanie Dickenson

Porter / Murderer/ Seyton: Phil Cox

Sergeant / Murderer / Mentieth: Andy Grannell

Old Man / Messenger / soldier: Derrick Scothern

Soldier: Nick Cole


Production Team

Director: Richard Brown

Assistant Director: Jacquie Spencer

Designer: Rob Barton

Design Assistants: Daisy Barton, Laura Harling

Technical Director: Kevin Connor

Publicity: Simon Maylor

Production Co-ordinator: Steph Hamer

Fight Director: Nick Cole

Wardrobe Mistress: Jo Fradley

Costume Design and Creation: Jo Fradley & Helen Arnett

Dressers: Helen Arnett, Janice Cole, Ruth Davies, Diane Dickenson & Gretta Tamlyn

Lighting Design: Max Richardson

Sound Design: Adrian Wadey

Sound and Light Team: Max Richardson, Ed Welsh, Emily Price, Adrian Wadey

Properties: Cherry & Smiley Mildwater

“Head”Mistress: Hilary Kemp

Continuity: Amy Burt & Ginni Pattni

Make-Up: Lindsay Kennedy, Laura Harling, Lesley Harling, Roz Brown, Caroline Harbord & friends

Construction & Backstage: Nick Cole, Elizabeth Elliott, Stephanie Dickenson, Nick Morley, Richard Morley & John Shippey

Front of House: Trish James, Annie Welsh, Heather Livermore,

Box Office: Kevin Webb, Adrian Wadey & Cheryl Cook

Poster Design: Trevor Bass at Ken Girvan Printers Ltd.Photography: Antonia Brown

Programme Design: Peter Brown in conjunction with Ken Girvan Printers


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