Love’s Labour’s Lost – 2012


Director Steph Hamer

Our wooing doth not end like an old play:
Jack hath not Jill.These ladies’ courtesy
Might well hath made our sport a comedy.

Come, sir, it wants a twelve month and a day
And then ‘twill end.

That’s too long for a play.

Act V. Scene 2


Love’s Labour’s Lost is a fun romantic comedy mocking men for their susceptibility to fall head-over-heels in love with a beautiful woman! This delightful play is full of love poems and letters, gifts and entertainment; words to make your heart sing and words to make your head swim!

It is a story in which a King and three lords, shadowed by a group of lowlier characters, swear an oath to study for three years, living a life of austerity, but then break their vows by falling in love with a visiting Princess and her three ladies, and are subsequently separated from their women for a year and a day when the Princess hears of her father’s death. It is a charming and touching tale in which the women definitely come out on top!!!

Love’s Labour’s Lost has finally come into its own. After more than three centuries of neglect, this play is now popular for precisely those qualities which previously kept it from favour. It has no towering central role: no Hamlet or Falstaff, and in the days of Garrick and the Victorian actor-managers, when audiences demanded star actors playing star parts, this made it theatrically unattractive. Now audiences are prepared to respect the play’s sociability, its breadth, its capacity to accommodate on more or less equal dramatic terms a whole community of characters from a king to a constable and clown.

Performed from 26 June – 7 July 2012.



FERDINAND, King of Navarre Martin Prest

BEROWNE, a Lord Reuben Milne

LONGAVILLE, a Lord Rob Barton

DUMAINE, a Lord Neal Dench


ROSALINE, a Lady-in-Waiting Caroline Harbord

MARIA, a Lady-in-Waiting Charlotte Edwards

KATHARINE, a Lady-in-Waiting Lucy Knight

BOYET, a French Lord Paul Silver

MARCADE, a French Messenger Derrick Scothern

DON ADRIANO DE ARMADO, Spanish Braggart Richard Brown

MOTH, his Page Sarah Ward

HOLOFERNES, Schoolmistress Paula Inkledon-Webbe

SIR NATHANIEL, Curate Les Robert

ANTHONY DULL, Constable Tony Champion

COSTARD, Swain Phil Cox

JAQUENETTA, Dairymaid Stephanie Dickenson

FORESTER, Gamekeeper Derrick Scothern

ATTENDANTS TO THE KING Simon Maylor, Derrick Scothern

MUSICIAN Roy Bellass



Director Steph Hamer

Assistant Director Jacqueline Spencer

Stage Manager Kevin Connor

Wardrobe Mistress Jo Fradley

Wardrobe Assistants Helen Arnett, Gretta Tamlyn, Diane Dickenson, Ruth Davies, Rachel McKinnon

Musical Director Roy Bellass

Continuity and Prompts Elizabeth Elliott, Andy Grannell

Lighting Design Ed Hopkins

Sound Design Adrian Wadey

Sound and Light Team Ed Welsh, Lisa Bell, Ellen Cole

Properties Cherry Mildwater, Smiley Mildwater

Make-up Laura Harling, Roz Brown, Lesley Harling

Set Design and Construction Ian Cooper, Steph Hamer

Set Design Artwork Rob Barton, Laura Harling

Backstage Richar Morley, Elizabeth Elliot, Laura Harling, Stephanie Dickenson, Peter Welsh, Ed Welsh

Front of House and Sales Trish James and Team

Publicity Simon Maylor

Box Office Kevin Webb, Cheryl Cook and Team

Poster Design Trevor Bass and Steph Hamer

Photography Antonia Brown –

Programme Design and Production Steph Hamer and Peter Brown
in conjunction with Ken Girvan Printers Ltd.



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