Hamlet – 1990

Directed Eric Usher

Hamlet is regarded by many as the best play ever written, and to be charged with the task of producing it is both daunting and exciting.

The play as written runs for about four and a half hours, so the first task was to reduce the text by about a thousand lines to bring it to a length that will fit comfortably into an evening at the George. I hope you will find the shortened play to your liking and that you will suspend disbelief and enter into the strange dark world of Elsinore seen through the haunted eyes of the tragic prince.

The characters are caught up in a maelstrom of emotions: love, hate, jealousy, friendship, treachery, indecision and self-interest combine to produce the inevitable tragic climax.

Our entire company has worked with a high level of commitment for several months to bring this memorable play to you tonight. I hope that you will find the evening both stimulating and enjoyable.


HAMLET David Crosby

CLAUDIUS Roger Taylor

GERTRUDE Kate Fenemore

GHOST David Foyle

POLONIUS Michael Williamson

LAERTES Mike Ockwell

OPHELIA Lindsey Brown

HORATIO Dean Laccohee

MARCELLUS Graeme Hammond

BARNARDO Brian Williams




PLAYERS Gill Butler, Spencer Dyer, David Huff

OSRIC Keith Phillips

GENTLEMAN Graham Linay

GRAVE DIGGER Peter Sawford

PRIEST Gary Cooper

LADIES OF THE COURT Trish James, Kathy Knight


Production Team

Director Eric Usher

Stage Manager John Morgan

Set Design Colin Chalk

Assistant Stage Manager Tanzy Lee

Stage Construction Nigel Callaghan

Stage Crew Chris Hunnam, Peter Levitt, Bob Pugh, Alex Schieber

Continuity Vivienne Dyer

Lighting and Sound Malcolm Lyons, Mel Pugsley, Tierce Britton, Sophie Rowlings, Andy Kendon, Gerry Davison, Roger Blackmore, Daryl Fleming, Pat Hamilton, Gill Hanby, Ruth Taylor, Hazel Ainscough

Sound Equipment SJC Services

Fight Arranger Bob Pugh

Costume Design Wendy Usher

Wardrobe Team Trish James, Bridget Newland, Wendy Usher, Jo Fradley, Terry Dick, Chris Morris, Kathy Night, Rosie Austen, Mo Pearce

Make-up Lynda Morgan, Trisha James and Team

Photography Simon Ellis, ABIPP AMPA

Lighting Equipment JPL Lighting

Publicity and Programme Martine Peulevé, Trish James, Michael Williamson, Rosie Austen, Keith Phillips, Collette Nicholls, Eric Usher

Front of House and Sales Cheryl Cook and Team

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