Anne Frank Auditions

SaTG In The Parlour presents

The Diary of Anne Frank

29 November – 2 December, 2017

Directed by Ray Livermore


The story of Anne Frank is one that many of us learn at a young age and one that has captivated stage and screen audiences for many years, including an Oscar-winning adaptation in 1959.  The adaptation in question was written by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett and it is their original Broadway script that Shakespeare at The George will be bringing to Huntingdon audiences in November as part of its Parlour offering.


Auditions will take place on the weekend of the 15th/16th July at The George hotel in Huntingdon. Please email the director, Ray Livermore, on or call 07894 144964 to book your slot. 


At the heart of the play is young Anne who has to adapt to life hidden away in a single room as well as developing into a teenager.  Her need to grow and be seen as more independent whilst being stifled by her cramped living conditions form the heart of the play but this is more than just the story of Anne and her family.  Hans Van Daan, a business partner of her father was invited to bring his family to join the Franks and both families were joined by Albert Dussell, an older dentist who, due to the cramped living spaces, was to become Anne’s roommate.


It’s a story of struggle, of family life and coming of age – an emotional roller coaster full of laughs, tears and a thought provoking outlook on the world. History may tell us the end, but the journey is still as powerful and emotive as it was when first hitting the stage back in October 1955.


Our production will be staged in the atmospheric confines of All Saints Church in Huntingdon high street. It is a venue which will ensure a closeness between cast and audience that should allow us, in some small way, to recreate that feeling of claustrophobia and isolation that the families shared above that warehouse hiding from the Nazis from 1942-45


The show offers some fascinating roles for actors of all ages, whether it be the youthful Anne, Margot and Peter, all of whom we’d be looking at actors aged around 18 due to the intensity of the schedule, their parents, all of whom are strong roles in their own right, or the grumpy old man Herr Dussel. The people living in the annex provide challenging roles, all of whom get their moments to shine. We then have the supportive roles of Miep and Kraler who could be played by someone of almost any age. Adding nicely to the dynamics of all involved in this exciting and tense production.

Audition Pieces:

Anne Frank





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