October 20 AGM – An opportunity to remember

This year has marked the passing of two leading lights of the SaTG Trust family.  At the start of the year we lost the inestimable wardrobe mistress Jo Fradley and this weekend we learned that one of our longest standing members, Phil Cox, passed away peacefully following a spell in hospital.  We intend to honour both at this week’s AGM so please do come along to join us in remembering such legendary individuals who had such an impact on the group.

3 responses to “October 20 AGM – An opportunity to remember”

  1. Gary Mackay says:

    Dear SaTG

    I was very saddened to hear the passing of Phil Cox this week. It certainly has been a sad as for the acting fraternity throughout Cambridgeshire.
    I worked with Phil on numerous SaTG productions but will always remember him for his portrayal of Shylock for me in The Merchant of Venice.
    He was really eager to learn new approaches, styles and ways of portraying Shylock I remember. An active member of a great cast and a real gem. He gave us all a wonderful performance and a sympathetic portrayal of Shylock. Thank you my friend.
    He was also a great friend and supporter of me going off to drama school at the age of 39yrs! He helped me with part time work he I was ‘Resting’ ….something I will never forget and will always be eternally grateful to him too. I raise a glass to you sir!!
    RIP my friend. The acting fraternity inside the pearly gates are in for a treat. Act away Phil. Give them hell and a bloody good laugh too.

  2. Jill Ward says:

    I am sad to tell you that a third previous member of the company also died recently.
    Ken McCollin died in Addenbrooks Hospital on 20th October of blood clots on the lungs. He had been ill for only a short time previously.
    The funeral will be at Peterborough Crematorium on Tuesday 8th November at 3.00pm followed by the wake at Lakeside, Ferry Meadows.

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