Last few tickets available for The Diary of Anne Frank

November 6, 2017 - Reuben Milne

In exactly three weeks time, Ray Livermore’s talented SaTG Parlour cast will be bringing to life one of the most powerfully emotional stories of recent times, The Diary of Anne Frank.  The production, staged in the atmospheric surroundings of All Saints Church in Huntingdon, has really captured the imagination and there are now less than 60 tickets left for the entire four night run.  So don’t hang about, click here to buy your tickets!  See you there…

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Over half the tickets already sold for Anne Frank

October 2, 2017 - Reuben Milne

The poignant story of Anne Frank has always resonated and our Parlour production, based on the award-winning adaptation of her diaries, has already caught the imagination of theatre-goers in Huntingdon.  Directed by Ray Livermore and held in the atmospheric confines of All Saints Church, tickets have only been on sale for 3 weeks and we’ve less than half remaining.  So don’t take too long in checking your diaries before you go ahead and book your tickets here.

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A horticultural victory for Pericles

September 15, 2017 - Reuben Milne

We found out today that the fine people at ‘Huntingdon in Bloom’ received awards a-plenty for their floral displays this year, one of which was the rather fantastic ‘Pericles’ display which we were proud to sponsor.

Huntingdon In Bloom received a GOLD award under the large town category as well as the Local Authority Award for the best floral displays in East Anglia.

Our congratulations go out to Peter and his team at Huntingdon Town Council for the fantastic work they do and for the huge amount of effort put into Huntingdon’s floral displays and green spaces all year round.

 Let’s see what they can rustle up for Richard III next year! 

Congratulations to all involved.

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2017 SaTG Trust AGM – all welcome

- Reuben Milne

The Shakespeare at The George AGM will be held in The Manchester Room at The George Hotel, on Wednesday 18th October.  Join us at 7.30pm for a glass of wine, ready for a 7.45pm start, and hear about the past year.

In addition to this, will be the chance to discuss anything about our summer production (Pericles) that you feel worthy of note for improving the way we do things in the future.

See you all there.




To be held on WEDNESDAY, 18TH OCTOBER 2017 at 7.30 for 7.45

In The Manchester Room, at The George Hotel


  1. Welcome by Chairperson
  2. Apologies
  3. Acceptance of Minutes held on 20th October 2016
  4. Matters Arising
  5. Chairman’s Report
  6. Treasurer’s Report
  7. Publicity Report
  8. Director’s Report for Pericles 
  9. Pericles Wash-up Comments and Questions
  10. Election of Officers
  11. Elections of Committee Members
  12. Future Productions
  13. Any Other Business
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Tickets on sale for The Diary of Anne Frank

September 10, 2017 - Reuben Milne

Tickets go on sale today for SaTG in the Parlour’s production of The Diary of Anne Frank.  The Production runs from Monday November 27 to Thursday 30 November in All Saints Church, Huntingdon and tickets are priced at £10 (£8 concessions).

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Classic Ayckbourn comedy opens in Cambridge this week

July 24, 2017 - Reuben Milne

Our good friends BAWDS are performing Alan Ayckbourn’s Comic Potential this week at the ADC Theatre in Cambridge.  Described as Westworld meets My Fair Lady, Comic Potential explores the essence of not just humour, but what it means to be human (I know, proper philosophical isn’t it?), all infused with Ayckbourn’s trademark wit.  Click here for more information / tickets for what promises to be a great evening’s entertainment.

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Audition Pieces for Anne Frank Available

June 30, 2017 - Reuben Milne

For those auditioning (or interested in auditioning) for our November production of Anne Frank, visit the Parlour page of our site and you’ll find the audition pieces available to download and print.

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Wrap up warm, it is summer…

June 29, 2017 - Reuben Milne

Whilst it may have rained off our first night (Tuesday), the good old British summertime didn’t intervene yesterday (Wednesday) and Pericles undertook his perilous quest under the stars in the Jacobean Courtyard at The George Hotel in Huntingdon last night to warm applause from an audience who needed all the warmth they could get!  And because we are currently experiencing temperatures ‘slightly’ lower than we’ve become accustomed to, we do recommend anyone joining us for our open air adventures should layer-up, bring a blanket or two and even pack a hat. You’ll thank us for it!  Remember to follow us on facebook to get the latest updates on the weather and if it’ll affect the performance for that night.

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Auditions for The Diary of Anne Frank

May 31, 2017 - Reuben Milne


With our summer production only four weeks away, our thoughts turn to our next venture, The Diary of Anne Frank as part of  SaTG In The Parlour

This classic show (based on the Oscar-winning adaptation) will run from 29 November until 2 December 2017 at the recently refurbished All Saints church in Huntingdon High Street.

Directed by Ray Livermore, the show offers fascinating roles for actors of all ages, whether it be the youthful Anne, Margot and Peter (all of whom we’d be looking at actors aged around 18 due to the intensity of the schedule) their parents (all of whom are strong roles in their own right) or the grumpy old man Herr Dussel. The people living in the annex also provide challenging roles, all of whom get their moments to shine. We then have the supportive roles of Miep and Kraler who could be played by someone of almost any age.

Auditions will take place on the weekend of the 15th/16th July at The George hotel in Huntingdon. Please email Ray on or call 07894 144964 to book your slot. We look forward to seeing you bring this period of history back to life.


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Pericles: Shakespeare’s finest fairytale…

May 8, 2017 - Reuben Milne

From Richard Brown, director…

As we start putting together our summer production in earnest, I wanted to share some thoughts on the play with our audience, many of whom may not be familiar with Pericles.

Why did I choose PERICLES as the play to perform in 2017? Well, I bet many (most?) of you would know the outline story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet and more of the popular plays, but probably very few of you know much about Pericles. If the allusion to some dry old ancient Greek politician stays your hand in buying tickets, let me immediately say it has absolutely nothing to do with the classical figure of Pericles whatsoever. It is a fairly unique play for Shakespeare, in the style we call Romance and being a wonderful adventure, recounting the voyages of Pericles around the Mediterranean as he loses, finds and loses love again, all to be resolved in a glorious re-uniting at the end.

You may think so why is it so rarely performed? Well, a few things to say here: at the end of Shakespeare’s career and after his death, Pericles continued to be the most popular of his plays, the one that audiences clamoured for. It was chosen by the RSC as the perfect vehicle for a professional/amateur collaboration in 2012 and appeared at the Sam Wannamaker Theatre in the Globe complex quite recently. This year not only are we performing it, but so are our friends in the RSC Open Stages programme, The Cotswold Archadians. Also Michael Corbidge, head of text and voice at the RSC travels from seeing our production in July straight to Paris to direct it in French. Pericles is most definitely back on the map.

It is a play that was perhaps difficult to stage in past years when the style of theatre was very different to today (or indeed to Shakespeare’s own time). However, the rather cinematic course of events, free from long speeches and dotted with new places and bizarre characters, is just the job for modern productions. It is a play you could easily imagine on television, and if the Disney Corporation could turn back time and ask Mr Shakespeare for a film script, Pericles would have been the choice. It has evil kings, wicked queens, plaintive heroines, homespun fishwives, flashy knights, whores, healers, pirates, sailors in storms, citizens in famine, a goddess, to name but some.

Or, to put it another way, this play, working very much like a fairy tale or even at time a pantomime, is unadulterated fun.

To not do it at SatG would be such a great shame. So this is the year we put that right.

I do look forward to seeing you there. It may be a chance that will not arise again for many years.


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