Shots from our most recent production, The Nativity (who knew puppets were so biblical?)

IMG_5118 Simon M[5]

IMG_2555 Ark & animals-ed[4]

IMG_3136 three kings-ed[4]

IMG_2739 group - ed[4]

Check us out (bottom left) – yes, that’s SatG doing Merchant of Venice being used in the promotional material for the RSC’s Open Stages National Showcase.  Respect.  Buy tickets here.

 New open stages

It’s the first night of Merry Wives of Windsor tomorrow which can only mean one thing – Shakespearean Selfie time…


Dr Caius (Reuben Milne)


Parson Evans (Mark Hebert)


Pistol (Perry Incledon-Webber)


Nym (Josephine Hussey)


Rugby (Les Roberts)


Mistress Quickly (Rosemary Eason)


Bardolph (Richard Fitt)

slender and simple

Simple & Slender (Andy Wilkes & Ray Livermore)

Nym and host

Nym & Host (Josephine Hussey & James Rowe)


The stage is set….

stage     stage 2     stage 1


Sir John Falstaff (Richard Sockett) tries on a range of headgear…

IMG_3366  IMG_3357



Merry Wives of Windsor rehearsals in full swing:

IMG_3306 IMG_3311

Richard Sockett (Falstaff) firmly put into his (rather malodorous) place by Alex Priestley (Mrs Ford) and Paula Incledon-Weber (Mrs Page).



Sir John Major (left) and Dame Norma Major (right) pictured with director, Charlotte Maylor, and Chairman of the Trustees (Richard Brown) at the SatG in the Parlour performance of Blithe Spirit.

The wonderful cast of Blithe Spirit – in full effect.




Technical set up complete and the Manchester Room at The George Hotel is suitably transformed into a 1940’s parlour.  Can’t wait for the first night.

blithe set  Blithe set 1



Martin Woodruff, as Charles Condomine, doing his bit for marital relations with at least one of his wives (Ruth Condomine, played by Lucy Crawford)!


First read through for Blithe Spirit.

IMG_3132  IMG_3131[1]

Lynne, Martin and Lucy get their ‘looks’ on for The Hunts Post!

BS shot 1  BS shot 2



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